An Insider's Guide To Working for the Federal Government : Navigating All Levels of Government As a Civil Servant or Contractor
Dan Lindner

What is it like to work for the federal government? What are day-to-day operations like? How do I get a job in the Beltway? For anyone asking these questions, author and longtime federal employee Dan Lindner draws on more than forty years of experience to provide the answers.With simple, to-the-point, explanations of the different branches and agencies of government, Lindner guides prospective employees and contractors through the halls of bureaucracy, giving readers everything they need to know to excel in the federal environment. Along the way, Lindner provides “100 Lessons”—nuggets of advice for almost any situation. An Insider's Guide to Working for the Federal Government tells you how to get the job, how to thrive in the job, and how to retire. There's even an additional chapter covering Lindner's own career “war stories.”

Bernan Press
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