Practical Cybersecurity Architecture : A Guide to Creating and Implementing Robust Designs for Cybersecurity Architects
Ed Moyle, Diana Kelley

Plan and design robust security architectures to secure your organization's technology landscape and the applications you developKey FeaturesLeverage practical use cases to successfully architect complex security structuresLearn risk assessment methodologies for the cloud, networks, and connected devicesUnderstand cybersecurity architecture to implement effective solutions in medium-to-large enterprisesBook DescriptionCybersecurity architects work with others to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business'requirements. They work with stakeholders to plan designs that are implementable, goal-based, and in keeping with the governance strategy of the organization.With this book, you'll explore the fundamentals of cybersecurity architecture: addressing and mitigating risks, designing secure solutions, and communicating with others about security designs. The book outlines strategies that will help you work with execution teams to make your vision a concrete reality, along with covering ways to keep designs relevant over time through ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and continuous improvement. As you progress, you'll also learn about recognized frameworks for building robust designs as well as strategies that you can adopt to create your own designs.By the end of this book, you will have the skills you need to be able to architect solutions with robust security components for your organization, whether they are infrastructure solutions, application solutions, or others.What you will learnExplore ways to create your own architectures and analyze those from othersUnderstand strategies for creating architectures for environments and applicationsDiscover approaches to documentation using repeatable approaches and toolsDelve into communication techniques for designs, goals, and requirementsFocus on implementation strategies for designs that help reduce riskBecome well-versed with methods to apply architectural discipline to your organizationWho this book is forIf you are involved in the process of implementing, planning, operating, or maintaining cybersecurity in an organization, then this security book is for you. This includes security practitioners, technology governance practitioners, systems auditors, and software developers invested in keeping their organizations secure. If you're new to cybersecurity architecture, the book takes you through the process step by step; for those who already work in the field and have some experience, the book presents strategies and techniques that will help them develop their skills further.

Packt Publishing
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