Physiological Aspects of Imprinting and Homing Migration in Salmon : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Hiroshi Ueda

Salmon are one of the most popular and commonly eaten fish and are among the most important fishery resources in the world. They are born and die in fresh water but can live in both fresh water and seawater where they migrate between rivers and oceans, showing amazing abilities to home to their natal stream precisely. However, their dynamic life cycles and mysterious abilities of natal stream imprinting and homing migration are not well understood. Physiological Aspects of Imprinting and Homing Migration in Salmon: Emerging Researches and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source that introduces the dynamic and complicated life cycle of salmon connected with fish migration and climate changes and presents physiological mechanisms of natal stream imprinting and homing in salmon with special references to hormone, olfaction, memory, and behavior. Additionally, salmon resources concerning salmon commercial fisheries, aquaculture, and global propagation systems are discussed. This book is ideally designed for ichthyologists, environmentalists, pisciculture professionals, fisheries, marine biologists, scientists, researchers, academicians, and students seeking coverage on one of the most integral species of fish in the world.

Engineering Science Reference
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