Learn Helm : Improve Productivity, Reduce Complexity, and Speed up Cloud-native Adoption with Helm for Kubernetes
Andrew Block, Austin Dewey

A comprehensive introduction to automated application deployment on Kubernetes for beginnersKey FeaturesEffectively manage applications deployed in Kubernetes using HelmLearn to install, upgrade, share, and manage applications deployed in KubernetesGet up and running with a package manager for KubernetesBook DescriptionContainerization is currently known to be one of the best ways to implement DevOps. While Docker introduced containers and changed the DevOps era, Google developed an extensive container orchestration system, Kubernetes, which is now considered the frontrunner in container orchestration. With the help of this book, you'll explore the efficiency of managing applications running on Kubernetes using Helm.Starting with a short introduction to Helm and how it can benefit the entire container environment, you'll then delve into the architectural aspects, in addition to learning about Helm charts and its use cases. You'll understand how to write Helm charts in order to automate application deployment on Kubernetes. Focused on providing enterprise-ready patterns relating to Helm and automation, the book covers best practices for application development, delivery, and lifecycle management with Helm.By the end of this Kubernetes book, you will have learned how to leverage Helm to develop an enterprise pattern for application delivery.What you will learnDevelop an enterprise automation strategy on Kubernetes using HelmCreate easily consumable and configurable Helm chartsUse Helm in orchestration tooling and Kubernetes operatorsExplore best practices for application delivery and life cycle managementLeverage Helm in a secure and stable manner that is fit for your enterpriseDiscover the ins and outs of automation with HelmWho this book is forThis book is for Kubernetes developers or administrators who are interested in learning Helm to provide automation for application development on Kubernetes. Although no prior knowledge of Helm is required, basic knowledge of Kubernetes application development will be useful.

Packt Publishing
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