Manual on Postharvest Handling of Mediterranean Tree Fruits and Nuts
Carlos H Crisosto, Gayle M Crisosto

Postharvest is an important element of getting fresh, high-quality fruit to the consumer and technological advances continue to outpace infrastructure. This book provides valuable, up-to-date information on postharvest handling of seven fruit and nut crops: almond, fig, peach, persimmon, pistachio, pomegranate and table grape. These crops are of particular importance in the Mediterranean region, but also to those countries that export and import these crops, where intensive economic resources are dedicated to developing information to understand and solve their postharvest problems. Written by a team of internationally-recognized postharvest experts, this manual collates and verifies essential, but often difficult to access, information on these important crops, that is pertinent to the world's agricultural economy and affects agricultural communities. The book: Covers relevant postharvest topics for each crop across harvesting, packing, shipping and retail postharvest phases. Has an emphasis on knowledge useful to solve current worldwide industry problems. Includes practical recommendations. Makes available for the first time in English information previously published in other languages. Includes up-to-date references and high-quality photos that make it an excellent resource for postharvest educators and students. This is a must-have manual for growers and commodity handlers, cold storage managers, transportation personnel, produce managers and retail handlers, researchers, or anyone in the food chain that packs, transports, stores and sells these fruits and nuts.

CAB International
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