Finances in International Arbitration : Liber Amicorum Patricia Shaughnessy
Sherlin Tung, Fabricio Fortese, Crina Baltag

Finances in International Arbitration Liber Amicorum Patricia Shaughnessy Edited by Sherlin Tung, Fabricio Fortese & Crina Baltag Costs of arbitration has always been a main concern in international arbitration. It is a topic most often discussed and analyzed. In spite of the recent developments in thirdparty funding regulations as well as other mechanisms made available to users of arbitration to reduce costs, the topic remains a key focus for users of arbitration. As the founder of the world's leading international commercial arbitration Master's programme, Dr Patricia Shaughnessy is a huge advocate of communicating recent and important developments in international arbitration and has written and spoken extensively on such matters. Over twenty-five renowned practitioners and academics worldwide, who have been influenced by Dr Shaughnessy, explore this much-debated topic on the occasion of her 65th birthday. The contributions in this dedication to Dr Shaughnessy's legacy look at issues such as the following: costs arising out of Third-Party Funding; costs of court proceedings versus arbitration proceedings; fee arrangements with legal counsel; costs of commercial versus investment arbitration; how to deal with in-house costs in international arbitration; impact of tribunal secretaries in international arbitration; cost sanctions in international arbitration; damages in international arbitration. The analysis and views offered by leading scholars and practitioners on current day issues arising out of costs of arbitration will offer readers a unique perspective on various aspects of the finances involved in arbitration. This book will provide insightful thoughts and practical guidance for academics and practitioners in the field of international arbitration.

Kluwer Law International
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