Crowdsourcing and Probabilistic Decision-Making in Software Engineering : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Gupta, Varun, IGI Global

With today's technological advancements, the evolution of software has led to various challenges regarding mass markets and crowds. High quality processing must be capable of handling large groups in an efficient manner without error. Solutions that have been applied include artificial intelligence and natural language processing, but extensive research in this area has yet to be undertaken. Crowdsourcing and Probabilistic Decision-Making in Software Engineering: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of crowd-based software engineering and supports software engineers who want to improve the manner in which software is developed by increasing the accuracy of probabilistic reasoning to support their decision-making and getting automation support. While highlighting topics such as modeling techniques and programming practices, this publication is ideally designed for software developers, software engineers, computer engineers, executives, professionals, and researchers.

Engineering Science Reference
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