Graphical Thinking for Science and Technology Through Knowledge Visualization
Anna Ursyn

With the advancement of technology in the modern world, the constant influx of data, information, and computing can become droning and one-dimensional. Re-examining these methods through a different approach helps highlight broader perspectives and further understanding. Applying abstract and holistic methods, such as nature and visualization, to computing technologies is a developing area of study but has yet to be empirically researched. Graphical Thinking for Science and Technology Through Knowledge Visualization provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing visuals and images within data and information. The text contains projects, examples of students'solutions, and invites the reader to apply graphical thinking. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as nanoscale structures, computer graphics, and data visualization, this book is ideally designed for software engineers, instructional designers, researchers, scientists, artists, marketers, media professionals, and students seeking current research on applying artistic solutions within information and computing.

Information Science Reference
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