Impact of Mobile Payment Applications and Transfers on Business
Thaisaiyi Zephania Opati, Martin Kang'ethe Gachukia

Consumers continue to rely heavily on their phones to complete such tasks as transferring funds between banks or accounts, depositing or withdrawing funds, paying bills, and purchasing items. Mobile money users are oftentimes more financially resilient and can protect themselves better against economic and other shocks. Moreover, mobile money can increase the velocity of money in circulation because it reduces the transactions and time costs of making retail payments. As such, understanding the impact of mobile payments is imperative for businesses and the economy. Impact of Mobile Payment Applications and Transfers on Business is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on mobile money transfer and its impact in social, corporate, and micro- and macro-policies concerning the aggregate economy and individual households as a whole within an economy. It covers the impact, innovations, business-to-business transformations, regulatory framework, challenges, and ethical issues surrounding mobile money transfers around the world. This book is ideally designed for economists, financial analysts, business managers, leaders, scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students in fields that include management, finance, economics, commerce, and leadership.

Business Science Reference
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