CSR and Socially Responsible Investing Strategies in Transitioning and Emerging Economies
Anetta Kuna-Marszałek, Agnieszka Kłysik-Uryszek

One of the most important activities of enterprises today is responsible entrepreneurship. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can help to forge a stronger bond between employees and corporations, can boost morale, and can help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them. Moreover, the growing importance of this concept results from the fact that it is perceived as an effective tool for increasing competitiveness, improving the image of the company, or contributing to the generation of higher profits. In today's world, an active commitment to social responsibility is becoming more common for a company. CSR and Socially Responsible Investing Strategies in Transitioning and Emerging Economies is an essential reference source that identifies the scale and scope of implementation of CSR and socially responsible investing strategies and standards in companies operating in different transitioning and emerging economies as well as assessing the global effects of these activities. Featuring research on topics such as economic growth, responsible investing, and business ethics, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, directors, corporate professionals, government officials, industry leaders, academicians, students, and researchers in the fields of international economics, international business, marketing, finance management, and public relations.

Business Science Reference
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