Neoliberalism, Oligarchy and Politics of the Event: At the Edge of Chaos
Žarko Paić, Author

Based on insight into Foucault's lectures on biopolitics, which consider the notion of neoliberalism for all future relationships between individuals and society, and the state and the economy, this book shows that the oligarchic model of politics and culture management today is a result of the rise and fall of mass political movements. The ideologies of the end of the twentieth century with which neo-liberalism perfectly establishes a balance are reflected in the combination of technoscience, rational choice and individualism. In this way, the rule is reversed into a cybernetic market as a management model. Today, transnational corporations control the states and their political subjects, with sovereignty rendered an illusion by the obsolescence of the modern project. Since the post-imperial order in the 21st century requires the expansion of total power rather than the fragmentation of freedom, it is necessary to explore the hybrid relationship between economics and politics. The corporate system of activities denotes a subject to all forms of organization of the state and society, from the trade unions to the universities, from institutionalized religion to social welfare and sport. The consequence of this can be seen in the disappearance of the essence of society. This book investigates the logic of world-historical progress from the cybernetic governance system and the new way of legitimizing capitalism in the 21st century to all forms of suspension of fundamental ideas which have marked the politics of modernity.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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