New Trends in Analysis and Geometry
Mohamed A. Khamsi, Editor

This unique mathematical volume brings together geometers, analysts, differential equations specialists and graph-theorists to provide a glimpse on recent mathematical trends whose commonalities have hitherto remained, for the most part, unnoticed. The applied mathematician will be pleasantly surprised with the interpretation of a voting system in terms of the fixed points of a mapping given in the book, as much as the classical analyst will be enthusiastic to find detailed discussions on the generalization of the notion of metric space, in which the metric takes values on an abstract monoid. Classical themes on fixed point theory are adapted to the diverse setting of graph theory, thus uncovering a set of tools whose power and versatility will be appreciated by mathematicians working on either area. The volume also includes recent results on variable exponent spaces which reveal much-needed connections with partial differential equations, while the incipient field of variational inequalities on manifolds, also explored here, will be of interest to researchers from a variety of fields.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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