The Ultrastructure of Pathogenic Bacteria under Different Ecological Conditions
Larisa Mikhailovna Somova, Author

Today, the problem of bacteria variability occupies one of the key positions in microbiology. Particular attention is paid to the need to expand research to determine the variability of bacteria under natural habitats. There is still no solid information about the morphological variability of bacteria and its essence. This book is the first to summarise information about the ultrastructure of pathogenic bacteria under different conditions of existence. The results of extensive studies conducted in model microecosystems under various trophic and temperature conditions of cultivation presented here serve to fill this research gap. The book also describes the complex of similar morphological changes that provide the functional usefulness of different species of bacteria in detail, allowing the expression of the assumption that the adaptation mechanisms of heterogeneous populations of microorganisms to changing environmental conditions are universal.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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