Mineral Nutrition of Livestock
Neville F Suttle

The fifth edition of this important book reviews recent advances in livestock mineral nutrition, updated throughout with new references that reflect the growing complexity of mineral metabolism. Major related themes covered include the assessment of the'mineral value'of feeds, the false hopes placed on organic mineral supplements and limiting the'mineral footprint'of livestock production to lower environmental pollution. Also discussed are new developments and concepts including: Salt tolerance and optimizing production in salt-rich environments. Use of phytase rather than phosphate supplements in pig and poultry rations. Demineralization of the skeleton during confinement. Recognition of sub-acute, clinical hypocalcaemia as a disorder in dairy cows. The assay of'free'plasma B12 to assess cobalt status of cattle. Limitations of cell culture and ligated loop techniques for assessing bioavailability. Following a clear and easy to reference structure, the book also considers potential pitfalls, such as misleading estimates of mineral requirements for growth, and misinterpretation of genomic markers for mineral requirements and bioavailability of supplements. An essential resource for researchers and students in animal nutrition, agriculture and veterinary medicine, this book also forms a useful reference for veterinary practitioners and those concerned with human nutrition and environmental protection.

CAB International
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