Handbook of Research on Accounting and Financial Studies
Luís Farinha, Ana Baltazar Cruz, João Renato Sebastião

The competitive nature of organizations in today's globalized world has led to the development of various approaches to increasing profitability and maintaining an advantage over rival companies. As technology continues to be integrated into business practices, specifically in the area of accounting and finance, professionals and educators need to be prepared for advancing economic techniques, and they need to maintain a high level of financial literacy. The Handbook of Research on Accounting and Financial Studies is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on advanced knowledge and emerging business practices and teaching dynamics in the fields of accounting and finance. While highlighting topics such as cost-benefit analysis, risk management, and corporate governance, this publication explores new initiatives in entrepreneurship and performance management. This book is ideally designed for business managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, auditors, tax practitioners, economists, accountants, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on modern advancements and recent findings in accounting and financial studies.

Business Science Reference
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