Interdisciplinary Approaches to Altering Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Tanu Wadhera, Deepti Kakkar

Disorder-assistive and neurotechnological devices are experiencing a boom in the global market. Mounting evidence suggests that approaches based on several different domains should move towards the goal of early diagnosis of individuals affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach in diagnosis and support can resolve many hurdles such as lack of awareness, transport, and financial burdens by being made available to individuals at the onset of symptoms. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Altering Neurodevelopmental Disorders is a pivotal reference source that explores neurodevelopmental disorders and a diverse array of diagnostic tools and therapies assisted by neurotechnological devices. While covering a wide range of topics including individual-centered design, artificial intelligence, and multifaceted therapies, this book is ideally designed for neuroscientists, medical practitioners, clinical psychologists, special educators, counselors, therapists, researchers, academicians, and students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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