Challenges and Solutions of Oncological Hyperthermia
Andras Szasz, Editor

The next generation of oncological hyperthermia involves the medical innovation of selectively heating up the malignant cells of the body in a controlled way. The easily-distinguishable biophysical and physiological characteristics of cancer cells and their immediate environment are the focus of the targeted energy delivery of this treatment. This heterogenic heating concept breaks with the homogeneous nature of conventional hyperthermia, where an isothermally equal temperature is applied to the large surface area of a solid tumor. Due to its selectivity, the new concept enables the usage of a significantly lower energy, making it safer, less toxic, and easier to use.This book shows the challenges facing oncological hyperthermia, and highlights clinical results obtained in various countries. It also presents discussions about the theoretical basis of the method, adding some technical discussions and clarifying the most difficult points of its design. The contributions dealing with clinical results use state-of-art conventional therapies with complementary hyperthermia and show the advantages of such a combination.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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