Analysing the Pragmatics of Speech Acts in Sitcom and Drama Audiovisual Genres
Manuel Rodríguez Peñarroja, Author

This book provides positive evidence regarding the validity of the language used in sitcom and drama audiovisual genres and its possible applicability to the teaching of pragmatics in English as second and foreign language contexts. The first part of the text includes a description of pragmatics and its components, speech act theories development, and the use of audiovisual input for the teaching of pragmatic aspects. The second section is devoted to the sitcom and drama transcripts analysis of direct and indirect realisations of multiple speech acts as pragmalinguistic resources, sociopragmatic variables that may influence conversation, such as politeness needs and context, and interactional patterns, including turn-taking, sequences and adjacency pairs. The book provides insightful quantitative and qualitative results which will serve to confirm, along with previous research, the usefulness and validity of this type of input, not only for teaching pragmatics, but also for the development of tasks and activities with different pedagogical outcomes and students'needs. As such, this volume is a useful resource for pragmaticians and discourse analysis scholars since its complete analysis of transcripts justifies the validity of audiovisual input and its different applications.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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