Developments in Foreign Language Teaching: Inspiring Teachers, Transforming Learners
Stella Kourieos, Editor

This book offers valuable information about the latest developments in the field of foreign language (FL) teaching and learning. It provides FL practitioners and academics working at all levels of education, generalist teachers working in multicultural environments, and teacher educators with some practical ideas that can help them further develop their teaching skills, optimize their students'learning and revisit their practices. Specifically, it offers insights into a range of pedagogical practices, based on research or long experience, related to various topics pertaining to the general theme of this edited volume. Such topics include vocabulary teaching in English for Specific Academic Purposes courses, the cultivation of intercultural awareness in multicultural schools, the use of literature in the FL classroom, the enhancement of students'reading literacy, the importance of motivation and peripheral difficulties in conjunction with dyslexia, and the use of reflective practice for teacher development.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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