Arbitration in Argentina
Fabricio Fortese

This publication is the most comprehensive international book on arbitration in Argentina. It provides a complete description and analysis of the historical and contemporary structure of arbitration law and practice in the country, which is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law. Its chapters are authored by many of the most regarded Argentine authorities, many of whom are responsible for drafting Argentina's current arbitration regulation. Throughout its thirty-one chapters, the book covers an ample number of topics in commercial and investment arbitration, and an exhaustive analysis of arbitration in different specific fields (energy, sports, consumers, among others). Some of the topics addressed in this book include the following: regulatory framework of arbitration in Argentina; arbitration agreements; arbitral proceedings and the applicable law; issues of arbitrability; interim measures; costs and financing of arbitrations; validity, recognition and enforcement of awards; arbitration and the MERCOSUR. This publication also includes some particular studies, for example those related to the tensions between investment arbitration and human rights, as well as the relationship between the country and the ICC, and the PCA. Although mainly focused in Argentina, the discussions contained in several contributions exceed such geographical boundaries. Given that the law and practice of arbitration in Argentina has seen remarkable changes in recent decades, this book is an essential tool for arbitrators, judges, in-house counsels, global law firms, large- and medium-sized companies doing transnational business, interested academics, and international arbitration centres. Because this publication draws from the teachings and experience of leading academics and practitioners, arbitration specialists will find in it all the guidance needed to identify and assess the different theoretical and practical legal avenues available when working on arbitrations with a seat in Argentina or with an Argentine element.

Kluwer Law International
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