Research Data Access and Management in Modern Libraries
Bhardwaj, Raj Kumar, Banks, Paul

Handling and archiving data should be done in a highly professional and quality-controlled manner. For academic and research libraries, it is required to know how to document data and support traceability, as well as to make it reusable and productive. However, these institutions have different requirements relating to the archiving and reusability of data. Therefore, a comprehensive source of information is required to understand data access and management within these organizations. Research Data Access and Management in Modern Libraries is a critical scholarly resource that delves into innovative data management strategies and strategy implementation in library settings and provides best practices to stakeholders using the latest tools and technology. It further explores concepts such as research data management, data access, data preservation, building document and data institutional repositories, applications of Web 2.0 tools, mobile technology applications in data access, and conducting information literacy programs. This book is ideal for librarians, information specialists, research scholars, students, IT managers, computer scientists, policymakers, educators, and academic administrators.

Information Science Reference
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