Easy Medicine for Biologists
Alexey Vladimirovich Baron, Author

Medical knowledge is not only necessary for people working and researching within the field of medicine. Humankind emerged due to the evolution of organic matter over the course of billions of years. From our ancestors, we have inherited the principles of organizing the genome, an anatomical structure, a chain of metabolic processes, and a way to regulate physiological functions. Since these principles, chains, and methods are largely universal, one can learn a lot about the biology of other, non-human living beings that inhabit our planet when studying human medicine.At the same time, any living being is born, lives, and dies in continuous interaction with a changing external environment. The unfavorable influence of this environment can lead to the development of a variety of diseases. This occurs so often that disease must be considered as an optional, but practically unavoidable variant for not only human existence, but also for all other species of animals, plants, fungi, myxomycetes, or microorganisms. It follows that a biologist needs a certain amount of medical knowledge. However, in standard education programs, students of biological specialities are devoted to studying the laws of life processes in detail, mostly within the limits of conventional norms. For a biologist, everything that is outside these boundaries can seem to be a kind of chaos that goes beyond the laws of life and rational explanation.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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