Scalability and Sustainability of Business Models in Circular, Sharing and Networked Economies
Adam Jabłoński, Editor, Marek Jabłoński, Editor

This book explores many key areas of business science and practice. It is mainly centred on the field of strategic management with a special focus on the concept of business models and the new dimensions of the economy. In terms of economic conditions, the book discusses the principles of the sharing economy, the circular economy, and the networked economy. This multi-faceted approach makes the book holistic, creating a comprehensive image of a multidimensional market. It will appeal to theoreticians and scientists dealing with the issues of building and operationalising innovative business models, as well as students exploring the issues of strategic management and the new economy. Furthermore, it will also be of interest to business practitioners–– both entrepreneurs and top managers––who want to be business virtuosos, who can change their organisations and their business models.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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