Engineering Education Trends in the Digital Era
Şeyda SerdarAsan, Erkan Işıklı

As the most influential activity for social and economic development of individuals and societies, education is a powerful means of shaping the future. The emergence of physical and digital technologies requires an overhaul that would affect not only the way engineering is approached but also the way education is delivered and designed. Therefore, designing and developing curricula focusing on the competencies and abilities of new generation engineers will be a necessity for sustainable success. Engineering Education Trends in the Digital Era is a critical scholarly resource that examines more digitized ways of designing and delivering learning and teaching processes and discusses and acts upon developing innovative engineering education within global, societal, economic, and environmental contexts. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as academic integrity, gamification, and professional development, this book is essential for teachers, researchers, educational policymakers, curriculum designers, educational software developers, administrators, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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