Parallel Computing: Technology Trends
I. Foster, G.R. Joubert, L. Kučera

The year 2019 marked four decades of cluster computing, a history that began in 1979 when the first cluster systems using Components Off The Shelf (COTS) became operational. This achievement resulted in a rapidly growing interest in affordable parallel computing for solving compute intensive and large scale problems. It also directly lead to the founding of the Parco conference series. Starting in 1983, the International Conference on Parallel Computing, ParCo, has long been a leading venue for discussions of important developments, applications, and future trends in cluster computing, parallel computing, and high-performance computing. ParCo2019, held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 10 – 13 September 2019, was no exception. Its papers, invited talks, and specialized mini-symposia addressed cutting-edge topics in computer architectures, programming methods for specialized devices such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and graphical processing units (GPUs), innovative applications of parallel computers, approaches to reproducibility in parallel computations, and other relevant areas. This book presents the proceedings of ParCo2019, with the goal of making the many fascinating topics discussed at the meeting accessible to a broader audience. The proceedings contains 57 contributions in total, all of which have been peer-reviewed after their presentation. These papers give a wide ranging overview of the current status of research, developments, and applications in parallel computing.

IOS Press
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