Effects of Cancer Treatment on the Nervous System, Volume 1
Wolfgang Grisold, Editor, Stefan Oberndorfer, Editor, Guido Cavaletti, Editor, Riccardo Soffietti, Editor

This first volume describes the epidemiology of cancer, development of drugs, chemotherapy and surgical therapy, and the side effects of therapies and differential diagnoses. It shows that the diagnosis of side effects needs to be supported by scales and scores to grade their extent, and presents a number of tools and methods that can be used to assess the focal and generalized effects of chemotherapy on the central and peripheral nervous system.Cancer is often associated with pain and is a frequent issue in patients with chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. The participation of patients in studies and their influence on study design is important. Patient support groups have been formed for several forms of cancer, and are helpful in dispensing advice. The treatment of cancer patients must include activities of daily living and quality of life. Often, palliative care and end-of-life care are part of the disease trajectory. As this book shows, patients do not have equal access to cancer treatment around the world, and often basic issues as diagnosis, treatment are lacking.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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