International Arbitration: When East Meets West : Liber Amicorum Michael Moser
Neil Kaplan, Michael Pryles, Chiann Bao

As Asia, China, in particular, gains economic momentum and increasingly attracts global attention, disputes between Asian and Western parties will inevitably increase. This book, the first to address issues arising from these types of disputes in depth, collects incisive articles by both well-known Asian arbitrators and non-Asian practitioners with extensive experience dealing with arbitrations involving Asian parties, all under the aegis of Michael Moser, a Western-trained lawyer who had the foresight to build a China-focused dispute resolution practice at a time when it was not fashionable to do so. The articles reflect Moser's exemplary career as an independent arbitrator who has navigated between Asian and Western legal cultures seamlessly for decades. The upshot is an authoritative investigation of the differences and similarities of international arbitration between two contrasting cultures–both from a legal and social perspective– as well as a consideration of how each culture has influenced international arbitration practice overall. Issues covered include the following: interim measures in support of arbitration; the hybrid arbitration-mediation mode of dispute resolution; what China's investment treaties have to offer; Moser's ‘Triple A'approach to mediation; witness conferencing; influence of of rang (¿), or exercise of altruism; Chinese courts'approach to international arbitration; evolution of investment protection between China and Europe; disclosure versus state secrecy laws in China; and the standard for disclosure in rules of evidence. Given the increasing prevalence of arbitrations seated in Asia and the number of new players engaged in arbitration in Asia, this book is certain to attract a wide range of arbitration practitioners, especially those engaged in arbitrations involving Asian parties. As a comparative study of Asian and Western arbitration theory and practice, it is peerless. Scholars of arbitration worldwide are sure to learn from the insights detailed here of practitioners with consummate experience in arbitrations involving cross-cultural parties.

Kluwer Law International
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