Psychophysiological Methods in Language Research : Rethinking Embodiment in Studies of Linguistic Behaviors
Bahiyyih Hardacre

Psychophysiological Methods in Language Research: Rethinking Embodiment in Studies of Linguistic Behaviors by Bahiyyih Hardacre is a guide for adopting a transdisciplinary and multidimensional approach to language research. Language research areas that could benefit from psychophysiological methods are first/second/foreign language learning, teaching, use, assessment, performance, anxiety, motivation, attitudes, ideologies, perceptions, and identities, among others. To aid researchers in deciding on a suitable physiological measurement method, this book provides an overview of each of the most popular physiological measurements today, along with their potential applications in language research. Bahiyyih Hardacre explains what each of the physiological methods can tell us, illustrates how each physiological method can inform language research by citing a few language studies that used that particular measurement, and provides information about the appropriate procedures for data collection and data processing.

Lexington Books
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