Impact of Mobile Services on Business Development and E-Commerce
Liebana, Francisco, IGI Global, Kalinic-Cabanillas, Zoran, Luna, Iviane Ramos de

Mobile devices have become an essential item in the daily lives of many people. As with any innovation, mobile services present both opportunities and challenges to current business models. The development of mobile communication coupled with evolving mobile services have completely changed the business landscape and have transformed consumer behavior. It is important to understand the impact that these services have on users'lives, business, and society. Impact of Mobile Services on Business Development and E-Commerce is a collection of innovative research that focuses on the importance of mobile services in business development and discusses the provision of decentralized services, mobile commerce and marketing, and new models for the delivery of mobile services such as business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer. While highlighting topics including global market, consumer behavior, and customer satisfaction, this book is ideally designed for business managers, executives, marketers, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, consumer behavior analysts, computer engineers, software developers, IT specialists, students, researchers, and business professionals.

Business Science Reference
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