Smart Medical Data Sensing and IoT Systems Design in Healthcare
Chinmay Chakraborty

Smart healthcare technology improves the diagnosis and treatment of patients, provides easy access to medical facilities and emergency care services, and minimizes the gaps between patients and healthcare providers. While clinical data protection remains a major challenge, innovations such as the internet of medical things and smart healthcare systems increase the efficiency and quality of patient care. Healthcare technology can only become faster, more profitable, and more flexible as additional research on its advancements is conducted and collected. Smart Medical Data Sensing and IoT Systems Design in Healthcare is an essential reference source that focuses on robust and easy solutions for the delivery of medical information from patients to doctors and explores low-cost, high-performance, highly efficient, deployable IoT system options in healthcare systems. Featuring research on topics such as hospital management systems, electronic health records, and bio-signals, this book is ideally designed for technologists, engineers, scientists, clinicians, biomedical engineers, hospital directors, doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners, telemedical agents, students, and academicians seeking coverage on the latest technological developments in medical data analysis and connectivity.

Medical Information Science Reference
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