Business Reinvention for Ecosystem Value, Flexibility, and Empowerment : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Soe-Tsyr Daphne Yuan

The success of a business is largely determined by how adaptably it can facilitate innovative digital architectures and human-based resources. By redesigning this process, businesses have also changed their growth factors to incorporate a more service-driven ecosystem focused on a configuration of resources, talent, and technologies. Business Reinvention for Ecosystem Value, Flexibility, and Empowerment: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides a holistic view of how a business sets the proper mindset in light of a plethora of digital technologies, how to systematically choreograph the right components for the reinvention, and how to strategically undertake the change journey. The content within this publication examines human value, digital business, and strategic ecosystem. It is designed for academicians, corporate managers, executives, researchers, and students.

Business Science Reference
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