Communicating English in Specialised Domains: A Festschrift for Maurizio Gotti
Stefania Maci, Editor, Michele Sala, Editor

This volume is dedicated to Maurizio Gotti, in honour of his long and noteworthy academic career. Having served as Full Professor of History of the English Language and of English Language and Translation for more than two decades at the University of Bergamo, Italy, Gotti made significant contributions to multiple areas of study including specialized discourses, lexicography, history of the English language and language teaching. This wide-ranging collection brings together essays from these fields of enquiry authored by scholars whose academic input have interacted in various ways with ideas and topics introduced or extensively discussed by Gotti. The contributions are grouped into four theme-based sections representing the main threads in Gotti's research, from the macro area of specialised discourse to the more specific fields of research in academic and legal languages, while the fourth section includes contributions dealing with the history of English language, and is followed by a miscellaneous section which concludes the collection.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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