The C++ Workshop : Learn to Write Clean, Maintainable Code in C++ and Advance Your Career in Software Engineering
Dale Green, Kurt Guntheroth, Shaun Ross Mitchell

Learn to create high-performance, error-free programs by understanding the core principles and techniques behind programming in C++Key FeaturesGain a solid understanding of the syntax and anatomy of C++Implement best practices when building high-performance C++ programsPrepare for real-world development tasks by tackling engaging activitiesBook DescriptionC++ is the backbone of many games, GUI-based applications, and operating systems. Learning C++ effectively is more than a matter of simply reading through theory, as the real challenge is understanding the fundamentals in depth and being able to use them in the real world. If you're looking to learn C++ programming efficiently, this Workshop is a comprehensive guide that covers all the core features of C++ and how to apply them. It will help you take the next big step toward writing efficient, reliable C++ programs.The C++ Workshop begins by explaining the basic structure of a C++ application, showing you how to write and run your first program to understand data types, operators, variables and the flow of control structures. You'll also see how to make smarter decisions when it comes to using storage space by declaring dynamic variables during program runtime.Moving ahead, you'll use object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques such as inheritance, polymorphism, and class hierarchies to make your code structure organized and efficient. Finally, you'll use the C++ standard library?s built-in functions and templates to speed up different programming tasks.By the end of this C++ book, you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently tackle your own ambitious projects and advance your career as a C++ developer.What you will learnUnderstand how a C++ program is written, executed, and compiledEfficiently work with the essential C++ data types and variablesBuild your own C++ applications by writing clear and error-free codeGrasp the core principles behind object-oriented programmingSimplify your code by using templates and the standard libraryDebug logical errors and handle exceptions in your programWho this book is forThis Workshop is for anyone who is new to C++ who wants to build a strong foundation for C++ game programming or application development. Basic prior knowledge of data structures and OOP concepts, as well as experience in any other programming language, will help you grasp the concepts covered in this book more easily.

Packt Publishing
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