Ethics in Child Health: A Practical Workbook
Michael D. Shields, Editor, Jonathan P. Fleming, Editor, Lucy K. Shields, Editor

Should every child be vaccinated before being allowed to go to school? Should children be allowed to refuse medical treatment even if it might save their life? Does the fetus or unborn child have any rights? Is it acceptable for a child's family to demand an expensive treatment despite uncertain benefits? If you are a healthcare professional involved in the care of children, how would you even begin to approach these dilemmas?This book provides a unique resource; it is a concise, practical case-based interactive workbook which will help the reader critically think about, and approach, ethical problems in child health. Its key features include an introduction to medical ethics in child health; a method to approach clinical ethical dilemmas; interactive case studies; and thought-provoking discussions. It will be particularly helpful for undergraduate medical and nursing students, post-graduate paediatric trainees, paediatric nurses and allied health professionals.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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