Recent Advances and Applications in Alternative Investments
Constantin Zopounidis, Dimitris Kenourgios, George Dotsis

In recent years, there has been a swell of investment opportunities in contemporary asset classes that have gained considerable attention, including cryptocurrencies, hedge funds, and private equity. These alternative investments provide the opportunity to enhance the diversification of financial portfolios and harvest risk premiums that traditional assets like stocks and bonds fail to provide. The emergence of these new properties has created the need to further understand the mechanics, risks, and returns of alternative investments. Recent Advances and Applications in Alternative Investments is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the emergence and development of complementary asset classes in the field of finance and investment. While highlighting topics such as carbon emission markets, renewable energy, and digital currencies, this publication explores modern investment strategies as well as the latest products and new types of risk. This book is ideally designed for managers, strategists, accountants, financial professionals, economists, brokers, investors, business practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and academicians seeking current research on contemporary developments in investment strategies and alternative assets.

Business Science Reference
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