Noninvasive Ventilation Technologies and Healthcare for Geriatric Patients
César Fonseca, Manuel José Lopes, David Mendes, Jose Garcia-Alonso, Felismina Mendes

In the past, elderly patients were given artificial airway technologies, such as a tracheostomy tube, to assist with their breathing. However, thanks to the advances in medical technologies, older patients now may receive respiratory care while enjoying the comfort of their own home. Noninvasive Ventilation Technologies and Healthcare for Geriatric Patients is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the models and processes of care for elderly subjects that require noninvasive ventilation as well as the development of technological solutions. While highlighting topics such as elderly care, respiratory failure, and home care, this publication explores healthcare management as well as the methods of professional homecare medical services. This book is ideally designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, senior health technicians, hospital administrators, clinical directors, laboratories, medical practitioners, nurses, and medical students.

Medical Information Science Reference
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