Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation in Family Businesses and SMEs
Andreas Masouras, Georgios Maris, Androniki Kavoura

Entrepreneurship is very important for both entrepreneurs and economic development. It helps boost innovation and competitiveness in every country and facilitates the creation of new jobs and new opportunities, especially for family businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Both entrepreneurship and innovation constitute a subject that is both topical and timeless, since institutions and the various institutional processes have always affected a country's sustainability. Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation in Family Businesses and SMEs is an essential scholarly publication that contributes to the understanding, improving and strengthening of entrepreneurial development, and innovation's role in family businesses and SMEs by providing both theoretical and applied knowledge in order to find how and why entrepreneurship and innovation can produce inefficient and dysfunctional outcomes. Featuring a wide range of topics such as women entrepreneurship, internationalization, and organizational learning, this book is ideal for researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, academicians, and students.

Business Science Reference
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