Astrobiology for a General Reader: A Questions and Answers Approach
Vera M. Kolb, Author, Benton C. Clark III, Author

This book implements several outstanding features which are helpful to the general reader. It is organized in the form of a ‘Questions and Answers'guide, an approach unique in the field of astrobiology. The questions and answers are linked in a conversation-like style, with each new question following from the previous answer. The book is organized into 20 chapters discussing broad and comprehensive topics, with over 250 questions answered.While the book is written for general readers who are assumed to have an interest in science, though not necessarily an extensive background, it will also be helpful to the beginning student and those who wish to pursue further one or more aspects of the field. It provides the reader with a comprehensive set of ‘Further Readings.'After each chapter, resource material is keyed to the individual answers to each question. At the end of the book, full references are given, as well as a guide for how to obtain them. A thorough Index is also provided.The streamlined, condensed, and yet comprehensive approach provided here is well-suited for stimulating the appetite of many readers for delving more into the fascinating and multi-faceted field of astrobiology.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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