A New Approach to Journalism
Alexandra Kitty, Author

This ground-breaking textbook finally provides a new approach to journalism. With the Internet and the collapse of traditional journalism created in a pre-social media era, this book presents an alternative through both an empirical and experimental approach. This exciting new model allows a bold new method of connecting with the world, where diversity and multiple perspectives are now the norm. This book shows students a bright new path: one that is narrative-free, and presents verified facts in a simple, interconnected way. We can see how the world interconnects, shifts, changes, evolves, and diverges over time. The focus here is not on labels, roles, or stories; rather, the book provides facts that are both refined and empirically tested. It is a form of applied psychology that brings the laboratory to the real world. With unique experiments and exercises, the reader will see reality and truth in a whole new light, where new worlds are waiting to be explored.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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