Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Aquaculture
Ahmed Karmaoui, Kirby Barrick, Michael Reed, Mirza Barjees Baig

Climate change is expected to influence several productive sectors, the most significant of which is agriculture. Agriculture comprises an important sector of the global economy that includes crops, livestock, and seafood. Agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries are closely linked to the climate, with changes in climatic conditions able to drastically affect animal and plant productivity, which in turn has a direct impact on human well-being. Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Aquaculture is a critical scholarly publication that provides an integrated assessment of climate change impacts on agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries and explores a set of strategies to secure sustainable food security. While highlighting the associations between climate change, food security, and socio-economic development, the book establishes an inventory of good agricultural practices for the adaptation to climate change and presents solutions for making agricultural and food systems more sustainable. Featuring a wide range of topics such as carbon sequestration, ecosystem management, and desertification, this book is ideal for agriculturalists, environmentalists, fisheries, marine biologists, ichthyologists, government officials, academicians, policy makers, scientists, professionals, researchers, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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