The DIS Arbitration Rules : An Article-by-Article Commentary
Gustav Flecke-Giammarco, Christopher Boog, Siegfried H. Elsing, Peter Heckel, Anke Meier

The new arbitration rules of the German Arbitration Institute (Rules) entered into force on 1 March 2018. Drafted over an intense period of eighteen months by a committee of globally recognized experts with the active participation of nearly 300 arbitration practitioners, the Rules stand poised to attract parties seeking dispute resolution not only in Germany but also internationally. This extraordinary book, written by the drafters themselves, with more than 550 pages of comprehensive article-by-article commentary, is filled with practical insights and recommendations regarding the application of the Rules. Each provision of the new Rules is given its own chapter, in which the following issues and topics are examined in depth for the specific rule under analysis: use of the provision in practice; modifications from the corresponding provision in the 1998 Rules; relationship to the relevant sections of the German Code of Civil Procedure; comparison with relevant regulations and practices in German State court proceedings; detailed expert commentary, including analysis of case law and legal scholarship; DIS practice concerning the application of the provision; and comparison with similar provisions in other arbitration rules. An annex contains an extensive collection of reference materials, including forms, schedule of costs and texts of various international arbitration documents. The authors and editors have vast experience as counsel and arbitrators in proceedings conducted under the auspices of the DIS and other arbitral institutions. Their intimate familiarity with all aspects of DIS case administration is of immeasurable value to all stakeholders in arbitral proceedings. A genuine user's guide, the book explains how the new Rules are likely to be applied in practice by the arbitral institution, arbitrators and parties. Its practical tips regarding the effective conduct of DIS arbitrations elucidate best practices for counsel and arbitrators and make DIS'day-to-day case management and decision-making processes more transparent and predictable for users of all levels of experience and expertise.

Kluwer Law International
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