Myth in Modern Media Management and Marketing
Kreft, Jan, Kuczamer-Klopotowska, Sylwia, Kalinowska-Zeleznik, Anna

The development of communication technology and the proliferation of centers that collect, interpret, and transmit information does not mean that communities have become a more transparent and enlightened environment. If anything, the pioneering research of modern communication signifies the ambiguity of individual and collective existence. Myth in Modern Media Management and Marketing is an essential reference source that discusses the analysis of the role of myth and mythical thinking in the operation of media organizations and their functioning on the media market. Featuring research on topics such as social media, brand management, and advertising, this book is ideally designed for social media analysts, media specialists, public relations managers, media managers, marketers, advertisers, students, researchers, and professionals involved with media and new media management.

Business Science Reference
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