Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in a Changing World
Murray Eugene Jennex

In today's world of business, gaining an advantage of competitors is a focal point for organizations and a driving force in the economy. New practices are being studied and implemented constantly by rivaling companies. Many industries have begun putting emphasis on intensive knowledge practices, with the belief that implementing cutting-edge learning practices will fuel research and innovation within the company. Understanding this dynamic method of management is critical for managers and executives who wish to propel the success of their organizations. Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in a Changing World is a collection of pioneering research on the methods of gaining organizational advantages based on knowledge innovation and management. While highlighting topics including human-robot teaming, organizational learning, and e-collaboration, this book will explore the sustainable links between knowledge management influences and organizational capability. This book is ideally designed for managers, strategists, economists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, researchers, students, and academics seeking research on recent trends in innovative economics and business technologies.

Business Science Reference
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