More Justice, More Peace : When Peacemakers Are Advocates
Susanne Terry

More Justice, More Peace: When Peacemakers Are Advocates gives voice to the conundrum of how mediators and other impartial third-party intervenors can revisit their roles in turbulent times. Designed to be used by conflict practitioners (mediators, facilitators, negotiators) and those in other professions where dealing with injustice is a constant struggle, the book's contributions show that impartial parties can be advocates for justice.In this engaging collection of personal stories, seasoned mediators show how they have worked to help justice emerge in or as a result of conflicts in families, institutions, organizations, and communities and across geographic boundaries. From the streets of Baltimore and Charlottesville to Karachi and Berlin, we hear of divided communities, terrible losses, relational wounds that appear to be beyond healing. We hear also of courage, compassion, imagination, and heart. These conflict practitioners are paving the way for others to see beyond conventional limits on the practice of mediation. Essential reading for students and practitioners alike, this work continues a much-needed conversation around the future of the conflict resolution field and will be an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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