Information Technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Jain, L. C., Zhao, X., Balas, V. E.

Intelligent transport systems, from basic management systems to more application-oriented systems, vary in the technologies they apply. Information technologies, including wireless communication, are important in intelligent transportation systems, as are computational technologies: floating car data/floating cellular data, sensing technologies, and video vehicle detection. Theoretical and application technologies, such as emergency vehicle notification systems, automatic road enforcement and collision avoidance systems, as well as some cooperative systems are also used in intelligent transportation systems. This book presents papers selected from the 128 submissions in the field of information technology and intelligent transportation systems received from 5 countries. In December 2019 Chang'an University organized a round-table meeting to discuss and score the technical merits of each selected paper, of which 23 are included in this book. Providing a current overview of the subject, the book will be of interest to all those working in the field of intelligent transportation systems and traffic management.

IOS Press
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