The Four Fields of Leadership : How People and Organizations Can Thrive in a Hyper-connected World
Tom Goodell

Succeed and lead in today's hyperconnected world with Tom Goodell's new science of leadership.The landscape of leadership has changed. Technological innovation, new business realities, volatile market conditions, social upheaval, and shifting organizational structures demand a multidisciplinary approach. The Four Fields of Leadership draws on mathematics, physics, Buddhism, brain research, and best practices in leadership and business management.Goodell both integrates and challenges existing models of leadership. The Four Fields of Leadership provides a cohesive framework to drive learning, innovation, and success while avoiding the potential for chaos inherent in a hyperconnected world. Emerging from his 30 years as a leadership and organizational culture consultant, Goodell's proven program is aimed at leaders, team members, individual contributors, and thought leaders within any organization.In The Four Fields of Leadership, you will learn to :·Live, lead, and work in the four fields of self, relationship, team, and enterprise.·Lead and guide others to live and work in accord with the nine disciplines of the Four Fields.·Lead from the optimal place on the Spectrum of Leadership, from emergent to intentional, in any circumstance.·Create a culture in which innovation, vision, execution, and collective learning are living, vibrant principles throughout your organization.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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