Human and Technological Progress Towards the Socio-Economic Paradigm of the Future : Part 2
Elena G. Popkova, Marina Alpidovskaya

This book series presents new achievements in the scientific thought of the 21st century in the spheres of management, economics, and law, aimed at enhancing the potential of the global economic system's development in modern economic conditions and providing solutions to the complex problems it faces. The books in this series will have a wide international outlook with a focus on both macro and micro issues, placing emphasis on a wide range of global, regional and national threats and opportunities for economic sectors and systems. By unifying the scholarly efforts of academics from adjacent spheres of socio-humanitarian sciences (management, economics, and law), the series will allow for coverage of a plethora of organizational and managerial, financial and economic, and normative and legal issues and present multi-disciplinary approaches and original solutions to the pressing problems of modern economic theory and practice. Series editors Elena G. Popkova is a leading researcher of the Center for applied research of the chair'Economic policy and public-private partnership'of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow, Russia. Artem Krivtsov, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow, Russia.

De Gruyter
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