Nanoscale Quantum Optics
M. Agio, I. D'Amico, R. Zia

With the launch of the Quantum Technology Flagship Programme by the European Commission, developments in the realization of new technologies based on quantum physics have been recognized as a priority. These are important for cryptographic techniques for telecommunications security, new computing hardware that can solve problems so far inaccessible even to the latest generation of supercomputers, and precision standards and sensors with important applications ranging from materials science to medical diagnostics. This book presents a collection of lectures from the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi on Nanoscale Quantum Optics, held in Varenna, Italy, from 23 – 28 July 2018. The course was attended by 60 students, researchers and lecturers, and provided an opportunity to train a new generation of scientists on topics that promise great innovations in science and technology. Included here are 9 lectures and seminars and 3 poster contributions from the school. Subjects covered include: basic concepts for quantum optics and quantum technologies; materials for quantum nanophotonics; quantum optics and non-classical light generation; creating quantum correlations between quantum-dot spins; platforms for telecom-entangled photon sources; nanoscale sensing and quantum coherence; and nano-optomechanics, among others. The book offers a valuable overview of the state-of-the-art and current trends in nanoscale quantum optics. It will be invaluable for all those with an interest in this subject.

IOS Press
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