Third Parties, Outsiders, and Renegades : Modern Challenges to the Two-Party System in Presidential Elections
Melissa M. Smith

Third Parties, Outsiders, and Renegades analyzes 10 third-party, outsider, or renegade presidential candidates and explores each one's impact on the political process. The list of modern outsider candidates who have attracted the public's attention is fairly long, but most of the time the candidates never garner enough support to become elected or they self-destruct somewhere along the way. A few, however, have taken votes away from more mainstream candidates and changed the course of political parties or election outcomes. This book provides readers with an analysis of how their rhetoric, political tactics, and issues have challenged the political status quo and impacted later campaigns. The future viability of outsider candidates is discussed in light of current political polarization and the legacy of Donald J. Trump, the first elected outsider president, and considers how outsider candidates might be able to compete in upcoming elections given the current political divisions within the nation. Scholars and students of communication, political science, and rhetoric will find this book particularly interesting.

Lexington Books
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