Dictionary of Environmental Health
Frank R. Spellman

Every branch of science, every profession, and every engineering process has its own language for communication. Environmental health is no different. To work even at the edge of the major environmental aspects of this challenging field, you must acquire a fundamental but wide-ranging vocabulary and understanding of the components that make it up. As Voltaire said:'If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.'In this publication, we define, and in many instances, fully explain in plain English, the terms or'tools'(concepts and ideas) used by environmental health professionals, environmental science professionals, safety/industrial hygiene practitioners/engineers, and non-science professionals.It is important to point out that environmental health is not a single topic, but rather a complex, colorful, and diversified range of interrelated subjects including all of the basic sciences, computer science, government, engineering, energy, renewable energy, hydraulic fracking, security, disease, industrial hygiene, injury identification prevention and control, and much more. The practicing environmental health professional, specialist, technician or student of environmental health should know these topics—without them it is difficult, if not impossible, to practice in any of the environmental fields.The Dictionary of Environmental Health is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive reference that serves as both a dictionary and encyclopedia. This book is an indispensable resource for individuals throughout environmental, occupational, and public health industries. It defines thousands of words illustrating the enormous magnitude of the environmental health field. Terms are alphabetically arranged with concise and succinct definitions along with expanded explanations wherever needed. These terms and definitions are drawn from varied, specialized, and technical environmental fields that can be understood by professional, students, and general readers alike.

Bernan Press
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